Hi! My name is Iram. I live in Southern California. I’ve been following tennis for over five years. We are lucky to live in an era where the is so much talent and the competition to be number one is firerce. Spain has some of the most talented players. I am a huge fan of David Ferrer especially.

This blog was created to follow some of the best players from Spain and how they play into the ATP Circuit. Aside from that Spain has had some amazing success with their nations Davis Cup, and I’d also like to have that as a part of this blog too.

If there are any comments or suggestion, please feel free to note them down on this site. I won’t bite!

*In advance I’d like to state that I’m a busy mother of a four year old and that I might not be able to post daily. I will try to keep Spanish Armada as updated as I can!

Warm wishes,


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Iram

    if you are the same Iram who has posted on MTF and are a big Ferru fan- greetings!!

    Love your site btw – looking forward to the big encounter between Spain and Argentina… I am sure David will have a pivotal part there… VAMOS Armarda!!!

    • Hi Carol,

      I miss your comments on MTF…I hope you’re well and life is treating you very well!
      I’m also looking foward to the Davis Cup final. I don’t want to jinx anything, but things certainly seem promising for Coach Costa & company! 🙂 take care and warm greeting from California

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