~My favorite moments of 2013~

I hope for those who are in U.S.A. were able to have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I got to spend a lot of time with my relatives and family. I went to see Disney’s new movie Frozen with my daughter! BTW, it’s a really nice movie. (Not your typical princess movie!) 😛

Anyway, there’s still nearly a whole month of downtime. I really don’t watch any other sport than tennis so I’m quite bored without it. I thought since there aren’t a whole lotta new pics out there or any exciting news to announce, I’d post about my favorite moments of this year.

5) How frickin’ cool was it that in 2013 David Ferrer was able to reach his first appearance in a major? That too was beating out hometown boy Tsonga in the semi! He made it to the French Open final where of course he faced none other than his nemesis Rafa. The fact remains that despite his age and the amount of talent in the ATP tour, he was able to reach new levels.

4) I love happy stories that showcase “where there’s a will, there’s always a way”. And Tommy Robredo exemplifies that. A couple years ago he was out of the tour due to injuries. In fact last May his ranking fell to 471. It’s not like he got right back on track in the main tour- he had to play few challenger tours (and won a couple) and this season he captured Umag and Casablanca. (*I know that he had tweeted that he was undergoing new treatment for more unfortunate injuries). The Catalan is now ending the year at 18. Talk about getting back on track! 🙂


3) Okay, I admit this next point isn’t specific. But I do want to point out that there are eight Spaniards ranked in the top 50. (Rafa, Ferrer, Nico, Tommy, Feli, Fer, Marcel, and Pablo). Well what this means is that Spain continues to produces some of the biggest talent in the sports. In a country where there is basically one renowned player and everyone is “the rest”…let’s give credit to “those rest”. It’s definitely not easy playing at such high levels under the shadow of a star. I think those guys put their heart and soul on the courts! I’m looking forward to 2014 being successful for them.

2) Fernando and David were remarkably successful in the doubles. The two guys have been consistently successful throughout the year. When most people were writing off Fernando, the Madridista turned around to expose another side of him- that he’s one heck of a doubles player. Let’s make it that they’re both fantastic as a team! Did you guys know that they themselves didn’t even know if they’d make it to the end-of-year-finals until after the Paris masters?! And to think they WON that title! (That too by beating the best doubles team in tennis history!) I think these guys can definitely contribute to the success of Spain’s Davis Cup in 2014.overjoyed

1) I think the coolest thing has to be that Rafael Nadal was the ultimate “comeback-king” of 2013. From taking 7 months off due to injury he came to experience of of his best seasons of his career. He had an astounding 75-7 match win/loss record. He picked up 10 titles this year including 2 majors and 5 masters. Not to mention he was the finalist at this years Barclay’s. AMAZING!! What’s cooler?-Being named the country’s best sportsman of all time.rafa atp site


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