In off-season~

Sorry for the lack of updates [again]. Honestly in off-season there’s not that much to post. The guys are either vacationing or getting ready for the next year (which scares me a lil- already?!)  Or sometimes they are receiving one of the coolest awards given…

Rafael Nadal recently was awarded Spanish sports star in history. What an honorable award considering the country also boasts champion-winning Iker Casillas or Pau Gasol!

what a lucky guyThe fact that both Nicolas Almagro and David Ferrer are sponsored by Peugeot España isn’t new. But these pics are (which came from the company’s FB site). BTW, did you guys know that David Ferrer had made it to the top ten of highest paid tennis players? I mean I know that one has to account for inflation and increased prize money over the years- but still it’s pretty cool!)peugeotnicoFerrer for Peugeot


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