~Ferru and Rafa in Peru~

I felt a tad-bit empty this past weekend. It was Davis Cup. Congrats to Czech again! But I wanted to post about Spain. 😦 And unfortunately 2013 was a disaster year for the the Davis Cup squad. I hope 2014 brings a promising opportunity to Coach Carlos Moya and his squad. To be honest I think Germany is a tough first challenge, esp. if Tommy Haas will compete in it. I think Spain will really have to rely on Rafa in the first round. I hope he doesn’t pull the “I’m-too-busy-with-my-schedule” to participate! 😛 BTW, here’s a pic that Rafa posted on his FB site of Ferru and another friend.on Rafa fb siteThe two guys are in Lima, Peru and participated in an exhibition on Nov. 17th! Rafa won 7-5, 6-4. Here’s some more pics.

peru 1nada-ferrerrafa and david in limapic of rafa and davidBTW, there’s a lot more pics of them on El Gran David Ferrer y algo mas FB site. (I found the last two pics there!)

I hope you guys are enjoying your day. 🙂 Take care.


4 thoughts on “~Ferru and Rafa in Peru~

  1. Thanks for your posts, as always, Iram. They are always a bright spot in my day! I have to say that since the WTFs ended last Monday, I’ve already been going through withdrawal. I’m so glad the players get a legitimate period of rest but it’s hard for us fans! I’m counting down the days until the 2014 season starts and we can see all the Spanish players in action again. Happy holidays!

    • Hi Masum~Thank you for your sweet comment. I know what you mean about the withdrawal feeling. There’s like a month and a half where there is nothing to watch (at least sports related for me).
      Anyway, this year has sped by! It’s almost 2014. I hope you and your family & friends have a great winter. Happy holidays to everyone at your end. 🙂

  2. I enjoyed the Rafa/Ferru exhibition in Peru – good to see them playing on clay again!

    I know what you mean Iram about the Davis Cup. Hope Spain do better next year. I don’t think Tommy Haas usually plays Davis Cup (he played in 2012 probably for his Olympics qualification and hadn’t played since 2007). If he doesn’t play, then I think Spain should win that tie even without Rafa and Ferru (I’m not sure whether they’ll want to play the first round). Though with Moya as the captain, maybe Rafa will play an overseas tie this time round.

    • Hi Katie, Hope you’re well. I think Kohlschreiber is a tough opponent-esp since he did well this year. But I don’t think Germany is that much of a threat of Ferru and Rafa play. Nico can be so up and down. Fer has proved his magic in doubles-so I think Spain will have that advantage.I’m thinking Rafa will participate. I mean for heaven sakes, Rafa and Carlos practically act like brothers! 😀

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