Go for it guys!!

The ATP website has a pic of Rafa and Nole entitles “It all ends here”. Truly it does. We have witnessed a whole season of the sport we love so much. The past week came to highlight the best of the best. And on Monday we will be treated to what hopefully will be an entertaining match of tennis.nadal and nole

Novak and Rafael will face for the 39th time and 6th overall this year. I feel that this was one of Rafa’s best seasons. The Mallorcan had come back to the game after a 7-month absence. Since then he’s won 10 titles this year, including 2 majors. He has had an impeccable 71-6 match win record this year.

It’s gonna be a grueling game of Rafa’s forehand against “elastic-man”. The Serb was able to win the last of their meeting in Beijing quite easily. It was a similar surface so Rafa will have to take every break point opportunity to his fullest advantage. In no way is this an easy match for either player. Nole is the defending champion and on the other end there is a man who desperately would love to pick up his first title here.

No Marcel Marc in the doubles final? No problem! πŸ™‚ We have ahem, ‘replacements’. j/k Fer and David have had an unbelievable year. Fer is the guy whose tennis literally became a joke in the past couple of years. And to think now he’s participating in his most important final of his career! It’s gonna be challenging though- the Spaniards will face the best doubles team in history, the Bryan brothers. But hey they made it this far, so they can definitely shoot for the stars on Monday. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for them! πŸ˜‰ T c guys!overjoyed


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