Rafa beats Ferru in 1st Round Robin

Rafael Nadal beat David on Tuesday 6-3, 6-2. Rafa himself played an error-filled game. Take a look at the stats here. R.N. had a low 1st serve percentage of 54% compared to D.F. 62%. What really hurt David was: 1) his inability to get a point off his first serve (38%) and 2) an extremely low return percentage off Rafa’s 1st serve 19%. (David’s unforced error amount was 33 compared to Rafa’s 20)

David and Ferrer first roundI feel David might have a lot of wear and tear on his body coming into this match. Especially if you look at his schedule in the last month. He made it to the finals of Stockholm, Valencia and Paris. In no way am I making excuses for him, I think most people would agree that Rafa was the favorite to win the match regardless. After the matches David was interviewed and said,”I didn’t play my game [throughout] the match. I made a lot of mistakes. I was not comfortable at the court. For me to beat Rafael, I need to be more focused.”

Rafael Nadal is one match away from becoming the year end number one. He will play Stan Wawrinka and Ferrer will play Berdych next.

2 thoughts on “Rafa beats Ferru in 1st Round Robin

    • Hi, So sorry it took me a bit longer to reply. It did suck that he became this years “whooping boy” of the rounds. He’s a great player and its a shame to see the lack of success in London. I hope he can just relax and enjoy the rest of 2013 now, he deserves to!

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