Success for Fer and David!

Alrighty, Ferru’s up (again) against Rafa. This time it’s on a bigger stage. I do think it’ll be tougher for him to pull the similar results. Perhaps because Rafa has a big incentive to win here-it’ll be a first for him if he does get this title.

I got to see the 2nd set of the Spanish doubles match. Congrats to both Fernando and David for their first ever win in the O2. What a feeling they must have had! Marcel and Marc made a whole lotta mistakes-clearly their level has dropped since last year. From what I could make out David was very effective at the net. I saw very scattered shots from Marc-at one point he threw his racket. M&M had three bp chances in the 2nd set, but couldn’t convert .Fer/David will improve to a 7-0 H2H against their compatriots.

“Being here is one of the best feelings you can have as a tennis player. I am really to be back after four years, now in the doubles. I lost all three of my singles matches in three sets last time and it was a tough situation. Now, David and I have to do our best and fight to the end in order to have a chance at lifting the trophy on Monday.”

fer and davidOkay, I will post after Rafa/Ferru’s match. All the best!


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