~Thursday in Paris~

Holy cannoli- wasn’t expecting Ferru to lose a set to the Czech (6-0, 2-6, 6-3)! He seems a bit up and down lately. Don’t know if he’s pooped- I mean he has reason to be. Goodness knows he plays a hectic schedule, and that too pretty successful! Hopefully he’ll rest up before his next opponent Giles Simon. That could prove to be a test despite his 4-1 H2H also because of the home crowd cheering on their guy.ferru picsFB site PARIS

I enjoyed watching Rafa’s match against Marcel. It was entertaining to see how much effort Marcel put in. It was certainly a test for Rafa, but one he overcame 7-5, 7-5. No need for Marcel to feel gloomy…hey- he made it with Marc to the London finals. That’s gotta be a confidence boost! 🙂 BTW, Rafa plays last years finalist Jerzy Janowicz next.Rafa in paris

This will be a fun match–> Nico vs. Stan. I know the Swiss is dying to make his first London appearance (and he prolly will)! I love it when both these men come out and play their best tennis. (I really do enjoy watching high quality stuff from both Nico and Stan). Stan hits these amazing shots sometimes…and then when Nico’s backhand is working…wowzers!

Okay, there is gonna be some really amazing tennis on Thursday. Can’t wait to watch it.


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