Not his day…

from atps siteThat was another unfortunate occurrence in Ferrer’s calendar year! He simply started out the match slowly. Don’t know if it was the pressure D.F. was facing; but I’ll give Youzhny credit for his determination in a hostile crowd. It was a mix of a higher amount of errors from the defending champion as well as the Russians ability to play Ferrer’s service games effectively. And to think Ferrer was up in the 2nd set! having fun

“The truth is that Youzhny played very good. He sliced and served very well. He was more comfortable then me on court, I was missing touch.” D.F.

I hate to think there will be another un-retained title this coming week, but I can’t help it. On a Rafa-high year, and with two spots for London still available, I think Ferrer has his work cut out for him in Paris. Take a look at the draw here. If seeds hold then Ferrer will meet up with Rafa in the quarterfinals. It’ll be interesting to see how Rafa plays here considering he hasn’t played here for a couple of years. His best result was in 2007 final where he lost to David Nalbandian.

rafa and fer


4 thoughts on “Not his day…

  1. I feel the same way Iram 😦 It’s so tough to see him lose all these finals – six in a row now…

    But it’s been good to see him play much better tennis this week – just a shame he had to come up against an on-fire Youzhny in the final.

    • I dont think Ferrers game in declining in anyway! I think this was his last chance to get a title this year. I think it’ll be nearly impossible for him to retain Paris. Ahh well, 2013 is almost done. He can still hold his head up high that he had a great year.

  2. Lordy, none of them look happy in that top photo! Totally gutted with the result….. Kudos to MY though: he was just the better guy on the day I suppose…

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