Moving on…

This sucks. This totally stinks.

So of course I’m referring to today’s final. It’s going to be aired on t.v. later this evening. *I can’t rely on streaming, because of the poor quality and it keeps time-lagging for some reason.

I really thought Ferru was going to take this final. I mean he was lucky that he didn’t have to play his quarterfinal. He over-lasted Gulbis in the semi and I thought surely he’ll beat Grigor Dmitrov. Of course I’ll watch the final when I get a chance, but from what I read on the internet; Ferrer had a chance to go up in the third. Moments later he double-faulted to give the Bulgarian the lead??! Aaarggh

Hate to see him like this
lost today

Ā I guess it just wasn’t meant to be for him…

Sophitia reminded me to post this video of Ferru. I saw it a few days ago and just forgot to post it here earlier. (I swear these days go by too fast!)Ā  Lol @ his hair plopping while he’s running! šŸ˜€ I LOVE how at 2:00 he says to Pat, “you have to practice more”.

Hopefully he’ll get another chance in this coming week. BTW, Rafael Nadal was going to play in Basel this coming week but some days back he announced due to exhaustion he wouldn’t be able to. I’m not sure yet if he’ll play in Paris masters? (He missed ’10, ’11, ’12).

Here’s a couple pics from the Valencia Open site. There was a paddle match which featured Feli, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Martina Hingis among others and was sponsored by Estee Lauder.charityjcfatp valenciapracticing


4 thoughts on “Moving on…

  1. Happy that you liked the video, I know, I have to admit I was also quite focused on his hair lol! I guess I should have been impressed by the 200 sit ups but I kept thinking, well, 200 sit ups, that’s possible… but how does he get his hair to look SO good? That’s the really incredible part šŸ˜€

    I watched the final but I stopped watching right after he lost. Apparently his speech was quite heartbreaking. I half regret not watching but at the same time it was probably better not to see him like that;

    • thanks again. U know I enjoy reading ur tweets minus the ones in French. I myself dont have a smartphone or get a whole lotta computer time so it’s useless for me to open a twitter account.
      And i was really impressed by his regime too. I seriously wonder if Federer can do all that! I’m pretty sure Rafa has a workout pattern similar to Ferrus.
      *Anyway take care. All the best.
      P.S. Regarding a tweet of urs, why is Javi still not there? I saw Marta and his physio but not that main guy!

  2. I thought Ferru would win this one too – he was so close. And after winning the first set 6-2, it felt like he had control of the match. Not to mention those chances to break in the third set… But I guess it’s just the way it goes sometimes – he’s won plenty of matches before where he’s been close to losing so it has to happen the other way round too. I did think he played much better than the last few weeks though, so that’s a positive. šŸ™‚

    Love that video. šŸ™‚ Ferru’s so sweet – and very hard-working. Agree about his hair – I think he and Federer have the best hair on the ATP for sure!

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