An outplayed Rafa

From the very start of the match Juan Martin Del Po owned the stage as he took on world number one. Rafa lost 2-6, 4-6. Very simply said the Argentinean was on fire throughout the match and didn’t allow Rafa to execute an effective game plan.

Delpo was conquering all the big points in which Rafa didn’t have any answers to. In fact the Spaniard had 15:28 winners [compared to his opponent]. Uncharacteristically the Mallorcan had 4 double faults- I personally don’t see that coming from him a lot. He was unable to do anything with the 6 break point chances he had.

To be completely honest, I am glad for Delpo. I like the guy a lot- I love his humility. Rafa has had so much success this year, that he can afford to let this one go. I can’t see another Nole-Rafa match. (For Barclay’s that’s fine, but until then- I’m good!)

“[Del Potro] played a lot of important points to the limit. He was able to keep hitting the lines, playing as hard as he could, and made no mistakes in those important moments.”

at the netJust for fun, Fernando apparently has a new girlfriend. I had no idea he had split up with his previous one! Maybe it’s her good luck charms affect on him that he’s able to do so well in Shanghai. J/K! 😛 I know it’s all of his hard work and dedication to the sport. Along with David Marrero he’s into the doubles finals and will play against fifth seeds Melo/Dodig. They gotta win to help their chances for London.


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