Welcome back number one!

*Hi guys, seeing as to how a number of players are on the schedule for Wednesday, I’ll post after!

Welcome back Rafa! Back to being ranked number one that is. 🙂 Yes even though he didn’t win in Beijing he was able to make it to the finals. Novak played superbly in the final and didn’t even let Rafa create any break chance opportunities. It was definitely not the Mallorcan’s best game day. He played poorly on return as well as the fact that he wasn’t able to effectively use his 2nd serve (33%). I’m thinking in the end it didn’t really matter that much. What Rafa really set out for was his number one ranking spot back, and now he has it! (Though keep in mind that the Serb is only trailing by 40 pts). Good for him. On to the masters…

rafa and noleNice new video of Ferru here. He actually looks preppy! 🙂 More to come regarding Shanghai Maters later.


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