Good luck to Rafa and Nico!

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. We’re already in October! Only a a few more tournaments left and then the season is done. Wowzers!

Friday didn’t bode well for Ferru. Perhaps it wasn’t going to be regardless; because even if he had made it to the semis he’d have to face Nole! After seeing Gasquet beat him at the U.S. Open last month I wasn’t totally shocked he did it again.

ferru and richie***BTW, I know when I do miss a post or don’t update regularly, I do realize that some of the players that I usually cover lose in the tournament. I’m sorry that I don’t update each and every victory/loss. My daily life gets a lil bit hectic sometimes. ;)

Anyway, good to see Almagro win his quarterfinal against Kei. I was watching the first two sets of this match. Nico was actually up in the 2nd set (should have won then) but some sloppy errors pushed it to a third. I don’t think I saw a single person in the crowds supporting Nico (except his own box)! I know Kei is their tennis hero- he had destroyed Feli. Up next for Nico is Juan Martin Del Potro. They’ve never met before. In fact the last JMDP played was the U.S. Open where he has suffered an early loss. It’ll be a duel of Nico’s backhand and Delpo’s killer forehand. Could be a fun game to see!

And Rafa is just one win away from getting his number one spot back. That is if he beats Berdych in the semis. He has a good shot given that he has a 15-3 H2H against the Czec.

More to come after Saturday’s semis are completed. Have a good one! :)


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