What happened?

Wellllll, I was happy! Before I took my daughter to her school in the morning I had checked the score…and I really looked twice at it before realizing Ferru lost today to Joao Sousa 2-6, 6-7. Admittedly so I couldn’t watch it because of different time zones. Does anyone know what the heck happened? I mean I was hoping he’d get this title. I’m now thinking Valencia might be his best chance to get one more for 2013?!!

David Ferrer of Spain serves the ball against Joao Sousa of Portugal during their match at the Malaysian Open tennis tournament in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Thursday, Sept 26, 2013


8 thoughts on “What happened?

  1. Hi Iram, I watched the match – Ferru didn’t bring his best tennis. He played well in parts but also made errors at other times, and didn’t play the big points well. Sousa played very well though – he served well and dictated with his forehand, and stayed in the long rallies.

    Ferru had his chances – he had break point chances in both sets. He did well to break when Sousa served for the match (saving a MP) – played an excellent return game then. He even had set points in the tiebreak…but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be today. 😦

    At least he’s not lost any ranking points this week. Hope his form improves for Beijing and Shanghai – and it’s great news about his WTF qualification. 🙂

    • Hi Katie,
      Well it turned out that Joao made it to the final. There was something to his win after all! BTW, I appreciated your comment and letting me know what went on the match. Not only could I watch it, but it wasn’t even televised here. Though I admit I do hate the thought of him losing to ‘lesser-known’ players. That’s got take a knock on his confidence somewhat!
      Okay, I’m crossing my fingers and toes and arms for him to get Valencia. It’s his bread and butter tournament. I hope he prepares well for it.
      Hope u had a great wknd. I got to just relax. and it felt awesome! 😉

      • I really hope he can win Valencia too – last year was fantastic! He’s got a good chance of a title too in Stockholm too I think, but he may be more focused on preparing for Valencia then I guess.

        I had a really good weekend thanks (enjoyed some nice warm weather), glad you did too. 🙂

      • I know Valencia means the most to him, so he’ll aim to do his best! And I’m glad u got in a nice weekend. 🙂 take it easy!

  2. All the banter about ferrer beating federer this year (if they were to meet) just went out the window. Losses to davydenko in doha, anderson at indian wells, tursonov in barca and cincy, malisse in netherlands, bogomolov in montreal and now sousa in malaysia… is just unforgivable. He did well at the majors this year but the inability to beat the real big 4 continues. Let’s face it, he will never have a year like 2012. He seriously needs to reconsider playing every single tournament under the sun and schedule accordingly. Losing to the likes of sousa, bogomolov and tursonov has got to be a major blow to his confidence. Maybe a lighter schedule will help his game both physically and mentally.

    • Hello fedexpress,
      I know what you say makes sense. Ferrer has had some tough losses this year. (BTW, seeing as how ur username has ‘Fed’ in it…I’d just like to point out that Fed had more upsetting losses like Sergiy in Wimby and Tommy in U.S. Open) 😛
      David has had a very good season- he’s made more than $3Million. Making it to his first finals appearance wasn’t an easy achievement either.
      2012 was truly his greatest season ever. I think it was going to be very tough for him to repeat his results. I feel he’s one of the fittest players on tour. Personally I think Nole, Rafa and Ferru are in the best shape. I’m not sure how eventual age will factor into his style of play. *Nole and Rafa are younger than him, so I know there will be a hurdle some point in Ferru’s career. But props to him for making it to the London finals four times in a way!
      Hope u had a great wknd. 🙂

  3. I wonder if Javi’s family problems might have something to do with it too. Javi has been away a lot, he missed several important tournaments… I would tend to think that Ferru is experienced enough to carry on even when Javi’s away, but I can’t help thinking that maybe it did not help.

    I’m not sure that he will never have another year like 2012. He also had a few embarrassing losses in 2012, for instance, Nishikori in the Olympics, and then he also lost early in a few other tournaments, and had to skip the Asian swing. 2012 was better than 2013 overall, but it was not all good either.

    • Hi ChachouMiaou, Was his coach not shown in the stands? I think that he can carry his own on clay tournaments. I remember back in 2011 he was a finalist in the Swedish Open and last year he won it- and I dont remember Javi being there.
      *I know he isn’t the *best* indoor hard player. And who knows, Joao Sousa might have been playing out of his mind…he made it to the finals afterall!
      I think we all kinda knew deep down inside it would have been hard for him to repeat his 2012 results this season. But hey, he’s done very well at the majors this year. That counts for a lot in my humble opinion! 😀 Enjoy the rest of ur weekend.

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