Results from the quarterfinals…

Hi guys, hope you’re well. I am unfortunately not- my temp has been 102° for the last couple of days…I think I’ve come down with something. Anyway, under normal circumstances I would have liked to create a detailed post regarding the quarterfinals. I’m sorry, I just don’t have the energy! 😦

As many would have imagined Rafael Nadal beat Tommy Robredo in a blink of an eye. The score was 6-0, 6-2, 6-2. Rafa played unbelievable on his first serve 86%. He was able to really demolish Tommy on his 2nd serve which was an alarmingly low 28%. You live and learn! And then you learn from Rafa! 😉

I was heartbroken by Ferrer’s match. He had come back in the third and fourth set. I was really thinking he would be able to turn things around. But for goodness sakes, Richard’s backhand was on fire yesterday! Ferrer made some mistakes in the final set which cost him the match. He’ll lose ranking points for not being able to repeat his semifinal appearance, but will remain ranked four.

I will keep in touch! Take care.


4 thoughts on “Results from the quarterfinals…

  1. Hope you feel better soon Iram. 🙂

    I’m sorry Ferru lost. 😦 He did so well to come back from two sets down, it’s just a shame he wasn’t able to break Richard when he had the chance in the fifth set. He almost got the win, but it wasn’t meant to be this time. Still, at least he seems to be playing better now than earlier in the summer – and a QF is still a very good result.

    I didn’t see Rafa’s match but feel sorry for Tommy losing by a scoreline like that. Tough for him, but he’s had a great tournament and year so far. Rafa just looks unstoppable right now.

    • Hi Katie, I am feeling a bit better. thanks for asking. Hope u r well too.
      I honestly think Rafa will win against Nole tomorrow… he’s had an unbelievable season.
      There’s no doubt in my mind that Ferrer played a great match- and making it the quarterfinals is no easy achievement. I’m happy for him. Hope he rests up before his next tournament.
      I know it was a tough loss for tommy, but he’ll just have to put it behind him. Besides both Rafa and Tommy will play this week in Davis Cup. 🙂 t c

  2. Get well soon Iram!

    I am a bit disappointed too, but to be honest, Richard played really well. I think he has finally made progress in the mental strength department…
    And I also have a feeling that Rafa is pretty unbeatable, so I’m not sure I would have wanted Ferru to face that storm after all ^^

    • hi ChachouMiaou! thanks for ur wishes. Out of curiosity was there a teeny bit of u that was happy that Gasquet beat Ferrer? Or were u hoping he’d beat Rafa? I mean u rr from France after all, are you at all for any of the French players? I honestly think they are a good bunch! None of them have nasty attitudes and they are pretty good at the sport!

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