U.S. Open~how it started for some

**I’ll update after Thursday’s matches are completed! 🙂

1)  Do you guys  remember the epic 5 setter back in 2010 between Ferrer and Verdasco? It was one of the saddest matches I ever watched. D.F. had come so close only for his pal to have been the victor in the end. That too when Ferru had won the first two sets!–> Fast forward three years later. Sadly today Fer could not repeat the same miracle that had occurred a couple years back on Louis Armstrong.  Fernando being the number 27 seed at the U.S. Open was up against Croatian Ivan Dodig. *Now before this match had started I already heard alarm bells ringing off. I knew that Dodig was a tough opponent- remember he beat Rafa [in his opening] round in Montreal in 2011!
Anyway Fer started the match slowly. Which is more or less his game-style now. I think I’m going to have just face the truth, Fer isn’t going back to his crazy run in ’09-’10. In the third and fourth set the Madridista was hitting the most amazing forehands. Even the commentators here were quite impressed by him (and I’m only mentioning this because he does get mocked sometimes). In the bitter end Fer had hit the ball out which had halted his run for the U.S. Open. Nevertheless I’d like to point out a couple positives. I have to! 1) Fer is still in the doubles. Hopefully he can go deep there. 2) He along with David Marrero have a good shot of making it to the doubles race in Barclay’s. That would be quite cool actually. 🙂

Wish he had this reaction at the end the match
if only it was like this at the end

2) Rafa was being Rafa today 🙂 when up against the young American Ryan Harrison. The Mallorcan is like the Energizer bunny this year- nothing is stopping this guy on hard courts! Moving on he’ll face the winner of Pospisil/Rogerio Dutra Silva. BTW, Feli and Tommy are thru to their second round as well.

after the match

3) Not sure if it was nerves or not having playing played the number one junior (in ATP currently) before…but David had started off his match a lil slow. He beat Kyrgios 7-5, 6-3, 6-2. Next up for him is fellow Spaniard Roberto Bautista-Agut.sports yahooAre you guys having a good week so far? All the best from an extremely hot and humid California. 🙂


8 thoughts on “U.S. Open~how it started for some

  1. I’m rather reassured by Ferru’s performance. I mean, obviously, he was playing an inexperienced youngster, but the guy was really quite solid. Yet Ferru really managed to keep everything under control. His first serve % is very low, but he seemed to be playing better than he’d been lately.

    Is it just me or does he look skinnier than usual? I don’t know if it’s the new kit or what but I found him a little different.

    • I’m not sure if D.F. has lost weight or anything (honestly he’s always looked a bit on the thinner side) I thin you made a good point with ur comment. Plus I overlooked the fact that many players sometimes start slow in the first round or an opponent who they’ve never face before.
      At least Gulbis and janowicz are out of his section now. That should be a sigh of relief for him.
      t c sophitita! 🙂

      • Gulbis and Janowicz lost? Wow I had not even seen that. He’s lucky, for once… He still has Tipsarevic quite close, but Tipsy’s been terrible lately, so I hope Ferru can deal with him.

  2. Have not seen the match, but it looks like Ferru got through reasonably OK ! BTW what is it with guys like fed express: why can’t they just enjoy instead of spreading bile about players & sadly trolling… I don’t look at ATP Facebook now as it often gets so nasty. I mean.. Why? Life is too short!

    • Hi Caro, How have u been? I don’t mind people posting their comments on this site just as long as people are respectful for the most part. Not everyone is a Ferru fan (I cant imagine why not). But hey Ferru gets a lot of love from ppl like u. 🙂 And yay he’s on to round 3!

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