Red pants?

A couple more pics. I don’t think you guys can ever get tired of seeing pics of him. 😉 Well except for this next one. (BTW, does anyone know if he participated in any new photoshoot? I can’t find anymore pics of these kind!)

yikes, not these pants


9 thoughts on “Red pants?

    • You know I agree with A LOT of your comments, but this is the first I have to disagree with u on. 😉 Sorry but Ferru is in need of a pedicure (as almost all athletes)

  1. Love the holiday photos! – hope he and Marta had a nice break before the USO. 🙂

    Not keen on the red trousers at all, I do wonder why fashion shoots don’t give him better clothes to model!

      • Lol so true! Hopefully one day they’ll appreciate him more and dress him in nice clothes. 🙂

      • I don’t get why he doesn’t speak up when being told to put weird clothes on. I know its some sort of fashion shoot, but this is the first time he’s made to put on funky color shades on him.

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