So happy it’s Monday!

Hope your weekend was nice! So we’re into the first week of August. This season is more  than half way done! I can’t believe how fast time goes by.

I for one am happy that the end-of-summer tournaments have started. Perhaps because they’re closer to me geographically speaking (in contrast to all the European tournaments). If you still need to take a look at the draw for Montreal, here it is. Are there any favorites for you guys? I remember how darn close Ferru was in the last hard-court masters which was in Miami against Murray. Hope he can do well here. He has nothing to lose so hopefully he’ll give it his all!

*** Let’s not forget, A huge thing –> From this point on, Rafael Nadal has everything to gain. He isn’t defending any points now so if he is to be successful in the latter part of this season, he may be able to jump the rankings!rafa

* It was nice to read tweets from Pablo Andujar, Tommy, Marc Lopez and Ferru all congratulating Marcel on his latest trophy. Marcel will have to stay on a high right now, because he faces a tough challenge in his early rounds of Montreal. He’ll face Andy Murray and it aint gonna be easy for Marcel-let’s just leave it at that! 😛

* Very cool news: Ferru is teaming up with Feli to play doubles and guess who will they face next? Why it’ll be Rafa and Pablo! 🙂 I’m so hoping the tennis world of streaming will be kind to me so I can watch this online. BTW, I saw these next couple of pics on Montreal’s FB site.


press* In Spain during the summer there is a beach tournament in Luanco that occurs annually. This year some of the contestants were Tommy, Marc, and Nico. It’s not streamed online, and it’s more of a fun event. I can imagine, playing on the sane in a beach town must be nice. I can’t imagine how much pressure players go thru in the regular ATP circuit! Anyway Tommy had beaten Nico in the final 6-4, 7-6. Here’s a pic of Marc and Tommy that was tweeted a few days back.beach boysHope you guys have a stellar week. Will keep this site updated (hopefully)! 🙂


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