Quarterfinal post thoughts

I hope all of you guys have been well. It’s been a while since I last posted…sorry. I wonder if you guys enjoyed the quarterfinals? Well as you know Ferru and Fer both lost. It was surprising to see Fernando Verdasco push Andy to 5 sets. He played quite well against the Scot, in fact I think we were about to see an upset. It wasn’t to be though, Fer lost his nerve in the third set. Overall he had 45 unforced errors in the match compared to Murray’s 27. I think he had a good fighting chance in the fifth set because he had upped his game.

I loved how Fernando was so classy (not usually like this after losses) at the net. He genuinely looked happy for Murray, he had a big smile on his face when congratulating him. If Fer is going to play like this, then I say he’s back in the top 20 soon. The past couple of weeks will definitely remind him how he dangerous his game can be.awesome pic

Del Potro also snapped back from a  losing streak to Ferrer. Despite the ‘Tower of Tandil’ falling and apparently being in a lot of pain (he was given magic pills for this), he was still able to beat the Spaniard 6-2, 6-4, 7-6. I wasn’t expecting Ferru to lose like this-let alone lose in the first place! Unfortunately Del Potros run for the race ended when he was beaten by Djokovic in the semis.

You can take a look at the stats. D.F. was unsuccessful in returning the Del Potro serve and had double the amount of unforced errors compared to the Argentinian. He simply was overpowered by Del Potro’s booming forehand which is surprising since Ferrer came out on top in straight sets last year.

David Ferrer (ESP) Juan Martin Del Potro (ARG)
8   Aces 12
2   Double faults 0
70 of 103 = 68 %   1st serves in 63 of 87 = 72 %
45 of 70 = 64 %   1st serve points won 55 of 63 = 87 %
17 of 33 = 52 %   2nd serve points won 11 of 24 = 46 %
119 MPH   Fastest serve 130 MPH
112 MPH   Average 1st serve speed 119 MPH
95 MPH   Average 2nd serve speed 94 MPH
25 of 31 = 81 %   Net points won 17 of 21 = 81 %
0 of 2 = 0 %   Break points won 3 of 8 = 38 %
21 of 87 = 24 %   Receiving points won 41 of 103 = 40 %
41   Winners 42
22   Unforced errors 11
83   Total points won 107

ferru delpo

Good news is that now Ferrer is going to be number three this coming Monday. Bad news is that he tweeted that he pull out of Bastad due to injury. He had won this title last year. Now he has some sort of ankle treatment to get this summer. I’m hoping it recovers soon. I’d love to see how he would do in the U.S. Open. Can you guys believe he’s going to be ranked above Nadal and Federer?!


2 thoughts on “Quarterfinal post thoughts

  1. Horrid to see Davidito lose esp as Juan Martin had that horrible fall – suspect that ankle injury is bothering him more than he will say – more kudos to D for not mentioning it as a reason for failing. # 3 is fantastic and I think confirms what we know about his understated talent and hard, hard work. Grass is not his “surfrace” so to get to the QF on a GS on this highlights his sheer talent which doesn’t invlove a huge serve etc but gets results… a life lesson IMO. Really hope both guys are well for the US swing. I’m not a huge Nando fan, but give it to him: he was absolutely great and really pushed Andy (wno I like now he has matured so much) – btw Jerzy Janowicz has a lot of growing up to do in attitude…

    • Hi Carol,
      I think the positive thing here was that at last David matched his result from last year. He’s been playing fantastically at the majors this year. heck he’s doing better than Roger and Rafa in those regards.
      I’m not that big a fan of Fer either. But I was pleasantly surprised with his shot making against Andy last week. I mean he gave Andy a run for the money. It was so cool to see Fernando actually smile at the net for once. Usually he comes across grumpy or irritated when he loses. He has a nice smile and needs to learn that in the end it’s only a game! I love people who practice sportsmanship!
      You are right about ‘J-J’ with his attitude. I know he’s a young guy who has a temper at times, but he can build on it. He played amazingly in Wimbledon. I wanna see this guy at U.S. Open do some damage! lol
      Hope u r well…enjoy your week. 🙂

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