A first?!!

Is it my imagination or did Ferru FINALLLLLY tweet in English?! 😀

David FerrerDavidFerrer87 David Ferrer 5h Had a great time today in the new @Prince_Tennis store SW19 in Wimbledon #mustvisit pic.twitter.com/MhRKJYkXYa

our prince


3 thoughts on “A first?!!

  1. Well… I don’t think he actually wrote that tweet. He’s just promoting one of his sponsors, I guess they more or less tell him what he’s supposed to write, and he does it in both languages in order to reach more people.

    • and to think I got my hopes high! Seriously, he speaks pretty good english. I don’t know why he can’t once in a while write in english for his non-spanish speaking fans?!!
      btw ChachouMiaou have a lovely weekend! 😉

      • I think David is OK with formulaic replies to interviews, but I really don’t think he is that happy speaking English. However, he’s a bright guy and as his star rises, and the need arises, he’ll improve!!! (Yes, I am up for giving English English lessons – who will volunteer for US English… Hee, heee)

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