Fingers crossed for Feli!

Feliciano Lopez won his match against good pal Fernando Verdasco. It was a match that didn’t start on time due to bad fog and a slippery surface. The match was delayed by at least an hour. Obviously bad weather results in dangerous surfaces.

Their quarterfinal itself was a close one, with Feli being the victor at 6-4, 7-6. In fact in the second set Fer had set point and later on was up in the tie break. Feli was able to handle the tricky conditions better though. “When the court is like this, it’s better for my game. That’s really obvious. If the court is a little bit wet, it is good for my serve, good for my slice. I can go to the net quite a lot.” (F.L.)

Fernando however wasn’t so pleased with the tournaments decision to allow the match to even take place in the bad weather. While warmup was taking place Fer noticed the difficulty in moving around. He questioned the tournament supervisor what will happen if the players get hurt. After the match he stated, “If I was Rafael Nadal, I could say, I don’t play, and I’m pretty sure that the ATP will say, OK, we wait till the court is good. But because I’m not Nadal or [Roger] Federer or any of these guys, I need to do what the ATP wants.”

I do feel for Fer. To be honest I would have the same feelings as him. If the surface is that dangerous that it can cause a player to get injured then the ATP needs to listen to the players, no matter what the ranking. I don’t mean to sound like a tennis-player-humanitarian, but the ATP shouldn’t pick and choose which players get a say in different circumstances.

In the end of the match Fer congratulated his opponent by giving him one solid chestbump. I’m glad to see things are back to normal between the Madridistas.feli tweet

On Friday Feli faces Ivan Dodig. They’ve met once before where Dodig had beaten him on clay in 2011. Would love to see the Spaniard in the finals here. 🙂

Thank goodness the weekend is finally here. Hope you guys have a nice one!


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