Looking nice boys!

The Wimbledon draw is not out yet, but it is a known fact that the seeds will remain in order; 1) Novak 2) Andy 3) Roger 4) David 5) Rafael. What do you guys think, is that fair given Rafa’s success there? Some people  argue that David has worked his way up so it’s justified and others might say that Rafael has had actual titles won there. I think it’s fair because it does take full effort to increase the rankings. It’s not like D.F. got a free pass to the fourth seed. But I will admit, it’s going to be extremely hard for David to progress into the semis. The other four players listed above are far better grass-court players than himself.

I saw this pic floating around the internet. I like it…and will have to give Pico the award for being the best dressed. I really recommend you guys check out the gallery, there are a few pics of the guys and I really like how they dressed. I mean why do magazines do this to Ferru and then dress these guys in much nicer clothes?!
esquirenicofeliSpeaking of, both Fer and Feli are into the quarterfinals of the Aegon International. In fact they face each other tomorrow. Fer leads their H2H 4-2. I know it’s an emotional match somewhat because of their closeness. The last time they met was in 2009 where Fer had won. They’ve never played each other on grass. Good luck to them! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Looking nice boys!

  1. Cool pics of Nico et al… btw WHAT has Feli got around his neck???? I sure hope David got paid well for that photoshoot. I think it supposed to be an English tweedy aristocratic country gent look…. It fails miserably… no English gentleman from the aristocracy would wear that abomination!! Re the rankings I think a lot of people are dismissing David because they no nothing or very little about the effort he puts in. Yes he’s #4, but it’s through real hard work as you say. I would like to believe that Rafa does not begrudge him his seeding. Truth is, David did better at Wimby last year and that’s taken into aaccount than Rafa

    • Ferrer looks best in solid perhaps more softer colors. Feli is a person who can be able to take on bolder looks! As long as Ferrer never puts on tweed for another photo-shoot I’ll be fine.

      David did do better last year than his counterpart. I really think it depends on the draw. D.F. is more likely to have a bad day than Rafa is. That Rosol loss was in all likelihood a fluke…I don’t think if the two matched up again Rafa would lose. We’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for us!

      Take care Carol. 🙂

  2. I’m not sure if you’ve seen this yet, but the ATP released a video from the Esquire photoshoot (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYDUPDV47lA). I love the shots of Fer playing chess with his “thinker” face 🙂

    I think it’s totally fair that Ferrer is the 4th seed. He reached the QF at Wimbledon last year, while Rafa lost in R2. Ferrer played the Olympics (on grass), while Rafa had to skip the tournament. The Wimbledon seeding formula takes into account past performance on grass, so that means that Ferrer fully deserves his spot in the ranking. I’m surprised by all the attention that this issue is receiving because I think it’s pretty obvious that Ferrer should be the 4th seed. While it’s true that Rafa has had the better season in 2013, he lost out on major ranking points due to his injury time out (meanwhile, Ferrer earned ranking points to get to no. 4).

    Hope all is well and that you’re doing well! Do you have special summer plans?

    • My summer plans involve getting my daughter ready for kindergarten. Nothing too exciting. 😛 Maybe a trip up north. I’ve been dying to see the ancient sequoia trees North California are known for. What about you? Is there any nice nature stuff to do in Korea? I love flowers/landscapes/trees/streams. I know I sound like a boring person…but honestly seeing natural beauty relaxes me.

      And I’m glad u’re on board with Ferru being number four. He better kick-butt though. I don’t want commentators to make a joke out of him for this tournament. I know it’s not his best surface, but it’s definitely not unplayable for him. He’ll just have to strive for winning like he always does.

      Take care…all the best.

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