Not sure what to think…

Hi guys. I woke up today to some startling news. Ferru lost?! (I couldn’t watch given it was around 3am my time). He lost 6-7, 3-6 to Xavier Malisse. The scoreline does indicate somewhat of a close match. I really can’t comment on how he did though…I’m not sure if he is still tired from a week ago or if he just got outplayed today?! It sucks that he won’t be able to retain his title here. I hope he goes into Wimbledon now and just practices daily. Of course we all want him to be successful for the major.

ferru*I’ll update again after Feli and Fer have played their 2nd round matches. Have a lovely Wednesday!


6 thoughts on “Not sure what to think…

  1. Hi Iram, I watched Ferru’s match yesterday. It was a close match – only decided by one break in the end after he played a bad service game. He had a set point chance on Malisse’s serve in the first set, and two chances to break in different games in the second set but Malisse’s serve was just really difficult to break down. I watched Malisse play Del Potro last week at Queens and he should’ve really won that match too – he’s a very good grass court player.

    I think Ferru just needs a bit more time to get used to the grass – it must be difficult to adjust to grass after playing on clay for so long. At least now he can head to Wimbledon early and practice with some of the other top players there.

    Btw thanks for posting that FHM Ferru video – such a great video! 🙂

      • No problem Carol 🙂 I also read that he’d been practising last week on hard courts in Spain so I think he only had a couple of days to practise on grass before his match. It’s just a shame he had such a tough draw for his first match – against anyone else I think he’d have come through.

    • Glad u liked the video. Thanks for describing the match in detail. Malisse is a tricky player on grass/hardcourts.
      Not that losing points is an issue for him…it would have been nice for him to retain his title. Yup u r right about him having more time to practice now for Wimbledon.
      Btw, are u going?? Have fun regardless…I’m sure you get really good sports coverage when the tournament is under way.

      • I wanted to go but wasn’t lucky in the ballot this year. Not really that surprised as last year was the only year I was offered tickets in about 5 years! I wish tickets were easier to get like they are for the other slams. But the TV coverage is really good here so I’ll just have to enjoy it from home instead. 🙂

      • what do u mean by ballot?? Isn’t it like u go online and just purchase them? Or at the stadium itself?! that’s how they do it here…that way whoever has the means for it can go. and yes we do get good wimby coverage here. 🙂

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