Nice to see this…

I like how after such a busy couple of months (especially the past week) David has found time to relax. He tweeted these pics. It looks like he went to an Alejandro Sanz concert. Oh wow, when standing next to Ferru I didn’t realize that the singer was that short! The next pic is of him playing paddle with his buds. He also is officially on the roster to play at ‘s-Hertogenbosch.with alejandropaddleMemorial Open Santi Silvas is part of the NEC Wheelchair Tennis Tour. Tommy Robredo participated; as you may know his foundation revolves around wheelchair tennis. Tommy paired up with Martina Hingis for an exhibition. In attendance was also soccer star Bojan Krkic. I love the fact that Tommy is so involved with something that means so much to him. I don’t see a lot of tennis players that involved in their charity projects.

martina with tommytommy tweeted

at exhibition

Have a wonderful weekend folks! đŸ™‚


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