~Rafa sets a new record~

There are some things in life that are just meant to be together: kittens with yarn, popcorn with movies, a warm sunny day and the beach, chocolate and peanut butter, and Rafa & clay. Rafa has once again proven to the entire world that even if he was out for 7 months, he is still the King of Clay. No one has yet to surpass him in his ability to defend his beloved surface.

First of all, congrats to David Ferrer and his entire team for their amazing success. When most players in their 30’s are slowing down and thinking about retiring, David makes it to his first major final. Sunday was a proven testament to Ferru’s hard work and never-give-up approach to the sport!France Tennis French OpenRafael beat Ferrer very easily 6-3, 6-2, 6-3. It’s not like Ferrer didn’t try-it’s just that his opponent is a beast on clay. Ferrer was outplayed in every aspect of the game. It could be a combo of Rafa’s aggressive forehand or perhaps being in his first final, but D.F. made a higher amount of 35 errors compared to Rafa’s 24. Rafa was able to hit more winners 34 than Ferrer’s 22. The weather was a bit damp/wet-at-times and the umpire had asked the players if they wanted to stop at one point. However Ferru was somewhat forced to still play when Rafa wanted to play on. I don’t think taking a short break would have helped D.F.

BTW, a big ‘boo’ to the crazy demonstrators who ruined a little bit of the final. Those guys were idiots- I hope the tournament does a better job from now on keeping protestors out.

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France Tennis French OpenYou know it’s special when the prince comes to congratulate you!
France Tennis French Open

Once again David’s team were very supportive of their guy. Especially his mom who had a big smile on her face the entire time. It didn’t matter to her that her son lost today, it seemed more important that he got this far! BTW, it was mentioned during the match that his parents don’t attend many of his matches because they get nervous seeing Ferru play. I’m glad they came out today- this was once in a lifetime kinda thing!

The commentators told us a pretty funny story. (Remember I’m getting American coverage so you might have not heard this) The commentator had said that David’s friends often make fun of him for forgetting his iPad in the front pocket of the airline. So he’s wound up having to get replacements. Imagine how cool would it be to have picked up his iPad?! 😀

I like the look at the brighter things in life. But before I mention them, I hadn’t realized that before the final Nadal had publicly said that he wasn’t the favorite to win Roland Garros. In my opinion this is not being humble, it’s being nonsensical. He’s the only one with so much success here who is on the ATP circuit and he was going to play a person who he has such a good H2H against…and it was Ferru’s first time being in a final major! I hope Rafa doesn’t repeat such things again in the limelight. It’s one thing having humility, but don’t think of the public of being naive!

Positive things to take away:
1) Ferru’s having a stellar year so far and now he has the confidence that he can make it to important finals. Let’s see how he does in London and New York.
2) There’s a new record set by Rafa. He is the first and only person in the Open Era to have reached 8 major titles of the same kind. This is pretty cool. Roger has 7 Wimbledon titles.
3) At least this didn’t happen @ 1.13 if he had won. 😛
4) I think Ferrer can be pretty much penciled in for this years Barclay’s finals.

~Rafael Nadal is now looking to complete for the year end one even though he agrees it will be a challenge. He pulled out of Halle next week. We’ll see him next in Wimbledon; the tournament that had began his 7 month absence from the sport. But today that absence proved meaningless. He is still a dynamic player who will stop at nothing. Congrats to Rafa! He should cherish these moments to the fullest.

Nace el mito


6 thoughts on “~Rafa sets a new record~

  1. Haha I was also happy that he did not have to shave his head! But to be fair, the bet was for last year, he had not mentioned it this year.
    However, French TV had dug up the video and they were ready to remind him of it! So I was like “shut up you idiots!!!” 😀

    • Hi ChachouMiaou! You were so lucky to be there! I saw ur pics and they were really nice. thx for sharing. Not that it’s a big deal, but I honestly dont think Ferrer will ever get another shot at Roland Garros. i know it sounds harsh, but its’ true. at least he didn’t shave his hair… that would be sad. 😛

  2. It’s just amazing what Rafa has achieved in his career on clay. Every year, the tennis pundits think this will be the year where one of his main rivals will beat him at RG – first it was Federer, now it’s Djokovic – but each year he proves himself once again. 🙂

    I thought Ferru handled the pressure of being in his first GS final really well. He seemed to have the right tactics, but Rafa was always going to play his best tennis in the RG final and it’s so hard to beat him when he’s playing that well (and almost impossible on clay!). But he fought really hard all match. Hope he’s proud of his tournament – it was brilliant seeing him reach his first GS final. 🙂

    • Hi Katie,
      I was glad to see Ferru in his first final appearance. I’m not sure if he will ever be able to do so again?? Very small chance for U.S. Open but otherwise I don’t think so. He’s had a grand year of of yet…I hope it’ll continue for him.
      As for Rafa, there seems to be no limit of the Roland Garros titles he’ll pick up. Even with missing 7 months he still came back to win.
      Who do u like for Wimbledon? I’m thinking Rafa or Nole?!!
      Take care. 🙂 best wishes

      • I think Wimbledon might be between Rafa and Andy. Andy was so close last year, and it would mean so much to him to win his home tournament. But Rafa’s nearly always stopped him at Wimbledon so it’ll be tough.

        I’m not sure either whether Ferru will get to another GS final. It’ll be very difficult but if he can stay in the top 4 it’ll improve his chances. Hope he can do it again. 🙂

      • Hi! thx for ur input. U actually surprised me with ur response. I thought like most people you would have said that it’s Rafa/Nole. I would love to see Federer extend his record here too. 🙂
        Let’s see how Ferru does this week before next week. It’s so tough to keep at such a high pace consistently. t c Katie

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