I’m still so happy!!

David Ferrer is finally into his first final of a major! I’m still on such a high and happy note for him. πŸ˜€ I’m sure you guys are just as excited as I am.France Tennis French Open

David played remarkably well. For a person who had beaten Roger Federer and the majority of the crowd rooting for him, Tsonga didn’t play up to the expectations. David pretty easily handled the match and beat him 6-1, 7-6(3), 6-2.

France Tennis French Open

I’m not gonna get into the bitty-gritty stats. I’ll just highlight the fact that the most crediting factor to his win was the fact he played well at the net winning 17 of 22 points. The other factor was that Tsonga may have felt too much pressure from the crowdΒ  or Ferru himself…but the Frenchman made a high amount (56) of unforced errors.

France Tennis French Openβ€œI’m very, very happy. This tournament is very special for me and to be the first final of Grand Slam in Roland Garros is amazing. Now I want to enjoy this moment, to rest tomorrow, and to try my best in the final.” D.F.France Tennis French Open

I loved how Ferrer’s camp was so emotional. You can tell how much this win meant to everyone. Especially his mom, who seemed to get teary eyed. Huge congratulations to Javi Piles for his 10+years of work with David. To think that there was a time where Javi had to lock David up in a storage room as a threat until he agreed to practice! Wow, he’s come such a long way. I’m really proud of being a fan of Ferru. BTW, did anyone else expect him to run into his camp for the huge victory? I was…I’m a bit of a gushy person when it comes to all the emotional scenes. I wanna see Ferru plant another one on Marta come Sunday! πŸ˜‰ (Hey, I can be happy for her…she is so lucky!) BTW, here’s a pic of David with mom and dad with some family friends. (a tweet from his academy)david with family

As for the other semifinal. Rafael Nadal refuses to be outplayed in Roland Garros. His quest for his 8th Roland Garros title continues. On Friday he beat Novak Djokovic in a 5-set match 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 6-7(3), 9-7. Even though he was down a break in the 5th set he kept his confidence and was able to break back by fighting for every point.rafa and nole

Come Sunday it’s gonna be a battle between two friends and countrymen. Ferru has finally achieved his dream of reaching a major, and that too on his favorite surface. Perhaps it’s unfortunate that his opponent is the best clay-courter in history. As for Rafa, he’s simply out there to keep rewriting history with his success at this tournament.

David and Rafael have had many matches before. This Sunday will be the fourth time they meet each other this season, coincidentally on clay. The Mallorcan leads their H2H 19-4. Being logical I know that Rafael will most likely win this. He’s simply the better player here, and has more experience of being in major finals. We know that Ferru has the ability to cause some trouble to his opponents. Remember he was about to win against Rafa in Madrid of this year, but he lost his momentum. I think David needs to show up thinking that he can win (he should come to the match with the right attitude).

I know I write about a blog about the Spanish Armada and not just Ferru! πŸ˜› This may come across as a childish remark–> but Rafa’s won so many here, I honestly would like to see a new victor here. I know it’s gonna be near impossible given their H2H and their history…I guess we are gonna have to just wait and watch come Sunday. Wonder if Juan Carlos is gonna fly in to watch this one?!

Best of luck Ferru and Rafa!


10 thoughts on “I’m still so happy!!

    • Hi emma! I’ll have to admit here I’ll be rooting for ferru. I know its a bit biased but Rafa has so many and NO ONE will ever touch his record. It would be cool to see a new player win this.*I hope u r well

  1. I’m so happy for Ferru! He deserves to be in a GS final so much πŸ™‚ Amazing how he’s into the final without dropping a set, just brilliant!

    • I want this to be a blockbuster of a final. I don’t want it to be like the acupulco final of this year. If Rafa’s gonna win then I want David to do his utmost out there! I mean David better show up to the match! πŸ˜€

      • I really hope it is a great final too. Their last two matches have been competitive, so I’m hoping for more of the same again tomorrow. There’s no shame in losing to the king of clay (I was so pleased he beat Novak yesterday – amazing match), and just reaching the final is a fantastic achievement in itself. But it would be such a fairytale ending if David was to win RG. πŸ™‚

      • Hi Katie, (it’s 11:40pm here but i quickly wanted to reply to u before i turned in) I loved ur words. Seriously, u wrote with eloquence, esp for this comment “There’s no shame in losing to the king of clay”. In the end u r right. But I still want to see David do some damage…at least get a set. πŸ™‚ t c

  2. I am sooo in awe of these two guys! I really expected Ferru & Jo to go to 5, and Rafa’s mentality reminds me of hi s account of the 2008 Wimby final vs Fed in his bio. Very very overjoyed for D: this was well overdue and the sheer joy on his face was pure heaven to watch! Total dismemberment of Jo… (and not because the Audience ( presuming mostly French) was thin on the ground) David was just so focussed and intent and some briliant shots from him! So pleased to see Mum & Dad & bro Javi there too – also lovely Marta ( and I reckon M’s Mum next to her – they look so similar). Talking of Javi – have NEVER seen Javi Piles look so emotional on court before! Loved the moment when he, Rafael Garcia & David Andres hugged each other: their tireless work in the background is very underestimated IMO but I am 100% sure D will give them full credit! Got to try and get some sleep now: 03:25 and still excited!

    • Hello Carol~
      David surprised a lot of people with his ability to close it out in 3 sets. I think the French crowd were probably a bit bummed that tsonga lost.

      Yeah I also thought Marta brought her own parents. David’s parents are very affectionate with Marta…I think it’s just a matter of time until he officially marries her.

      Did u see this pic? https://twitter.com/DavidFerrer87/status/342696312497647616/photo/1 It’s of Javi…Ferru tweeted before the semifinal along the lines ‘this is how my coach prepares for the semi.’ πŸ˜› Truly the hard work of the entire team was shown today. Anything can happen with the right work ethic.

      Are u gonna watch the final? You’re lucky that u live in a time zone where you don’t have to wake up early. In this case I’m so happy for Ferru that I don’t care about being tired later in the day. πŸ™‚ t c

      • Hi Iram, still on a high!!!! We have folks over for a barbie Sunday afternoon, but we are going to record it. The “little David” effect has actually got to hubby who was loudly berating the commentators (especially Fabrice Santoro) for focussing on Jo in the post match discussions!! (As an ex banker & uni lecturer from a modest background, he knows there is no success without effort and working your socks off: so he totally respects Ferru’s work ethic). Yey – have been married to the right guy for almost 24 yrs! πŸ™‚

      • awww Carol! πŸ™‚ that’s really sweet. David has a work ethic that anyone from anywhere can admire.
        *Have a nice Sunday and enjoy ur barbie. πŸ™‚

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