Good News (again)!

ferru on tennis channel

Here’s an interview from Tennis Channel. Bill Macatee interviewed David Ferrer about his upcoming semifinal with Tsonga. It discusses about what tactics he may use, what this semifinal means to him and about his relationship with Rafael Nadal. For me it was awesome. I turned on the t.v. to see the loveable Valencian on- and that NEVER happens. Kinda cool! 😀 The one below is of him for the Prince Paris Tour. I really like his advice to young players.

Well the good news- and I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes thinking “duhhh“- but Rafa is yet thru to another semifinal in Roland Garros. His success here is just amazing. The Mallorcan is set to clash against Novak Djokovic. It’s a repeat of last years final. Rafa leads their H2H 19-15. Three of the last four times the Spaniard has won, but the meeting in Monaco Novak had won.

Nadal also stated, “I’m [going to] be be nervous for the semi-finals…”but later clarified that “If you are not nervous to play the semi-finals against the best player of the world, it’s because you are not enjoying or you don’t feel the passion for this game.”

I’m not sure quite sure why there are two bag checks for Feliciano Lopez. I saw this one a couple years ago and this one I just found. (He demonstrates how to put on lip balm; and should be advised that his shaver does not do a good job!)


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