~Defying All Odds~

These are the times I absolutely love writing for the Spanish Armada. These guys inspire me to write about them.

I am so happy for Tommy Robredo. Let’s backtrack a lil: A couple of years ago Tommy was hit hard by an injury which was career-threatening. In May of last year Tommy was ranked 471 (his lowest ranking in the last 12 years). A couple of months later by late summer he had entered the top 200. Since then he has been slowly increasing his ranking. He competed in a couple of ATP Challengers here and there and even won one.

Let’s fast-forward into 2013. The Catalan was able to show he wasn’t ready to hang the towel just yet. Forget age and any injuries he might have had. Tommy picked up the title in Casablanca. Now he had entered the top 50.

Today Tommy was going to play Nicolas Almagro. The first two sets Nico won 7-6, 6-3. Nico had a higher amount of winners andΒ  played better for the most part. In fact the next three sets Nico was up a break. However Tommy was able to break back in all instances. Nico started to play sloppy. In the end N.A. had 67 unforced errors compared to his opponent who had 39. Tommy came back to win 6-7(5), 3-6, 6-4, 6-4, 6-4.

A French crowd was actually cheering “Tommy, Tommy” in the stands! Wow. Tommy was in tears after the match and was obviously shaken up by his own performance.thats tommy

“I think that being in the quarter-finals again, it’s amazing, and also with three comebacks the way I did. I just need to enjoy it because I think that in tennis, we need to enjoy it when we do great things and keep focused.” -Tommy Robredo

Unfortunately when there is a winner there is also a loser. And once again Nicolas has been stung by a nasty loss. In the post interview he said, “I think Tommy produced a remarkable, admirable game. I have every respect for what he did. For my part, I need to move on as best I can.” Good luck to Nico for the rest of the season.Tommy AS site

Now for a couple fun facts:
*Tommy had a 0-5 H2H against Nico coming into today’s match
*Today will make it 3 matches in a row where had to come back from being two sets down
*The last player to achieve the same feat was Henri Cochet in 1927
*This is his 5th QF appearance: 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009

A couple of tweets:
* Today Tommy Robredo was a trending topic in the world of twitter
* Darren Cahill tweeted Darren Cahill ‏@darren_cahill 5h Pretty amazing effort by Tommy Robredo. Not sure if anyone has ever rallied from 2 set holes 3 times in a row, but a magical moment for him.
* Pau Gasol ‏@paugasol 1h Congrats to @TommyRobredo2 and @DavidFerrer87 for their wins in #RolandGarros. Good luck on the quarterfinal match to both!

Up next for Tommy is good friend David Ferrer. Ferru coincidentally had an easy day out there. Luckily he didn’t experience any meltdown-like in Indian Wells-and beat Kevin Anderson 6-3, 6-1, 6-1 in 1 hr and 45 min.david as website

So the two Spaniards are set to clash for one of the quarterfinals. David leads their H2H 6-2. These guys have never met in a major before.

Just a disclaimer. I will honestly say I am more of a fan of David. Always will be. But come match day I will watch with an open heart and mind. I will be extremely happy for either winner. The reason? It would be awesome if Ferru can match his record here from 2012. On the other hand Tommy has had such a remarkable streak here; especially given what he’s gone thru. It would be awesome to see how far he could go.

On the other side of the draw the King is still doing what he does best. He faces Kei Nishikori next and tbh it should be smooth sailing for the Mallorcan.

I hope you guys have a great week. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “~Defying All Odds~

  1. Hi. I had no idea about this website. I love Tommy. Really thought that he was on his way out of the scene last year. But watching the match today has made me have a lot of hope for his future. I cannot find any of his interviews for this match. Do you have it? thanx Carla

    • Hello Carla! πŸ™‚ I’m eager to see who wins btwn Ferru and Tommy. It’ll be a fun match to see. Tommys future certainly seems promising. (I’m gonna try to post whatever interviews I can find). t c

  2. It’s been fantastic watching Tommy this tournament! What he’s done is incredible – and great to see the crowd get behind him so much, even though he beat Gael earlier in the tournament. πŸ™‚ Hope he can stay injury-free now and climb further up the rankings.

    I feel sorry for Nico though at the same time. To be a break up in the 3rd, 4th and 5th sets and still lose must hurt. It reminded me a lot of his loss to Ferru at the AO – another match he should really have won.

    • Nico is a great player. He needs to get practice in the “closing” part of the match. He should have beaten Tommy but in the end he always stumbles mentally. I’m not doubting his skill. That is shown on court and reflects in his rankings.

      *I hope you are well Katie. πŸ™‚ Best wishes

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