Updates from Wednesday

*Hey guys, I think it’ll be great if weather cooperates with the tennis players today. I’ll post then in regards to the results. Hope you guys have a fun weekend. 🙂


Hello! I must apologize for the last few days. I have been away from my home and was very rarely able to get to a computer. Hopefully from here on out I can make regular updates.victorius on wed

Are you guys enjoying Roland Garros? I couldn’t see any of the matches so far (tomorrow I will be able to watch what is televised). I am able to check the scores every now and then and it pleased me that Ferru was able to dismiss Albert that easy 6-2, 6-1, 6-3! It’s good to also see Feli, Tommy and Nico still competing. nico

Rafa’s is set to take in Klizan and this should prove to be another stroll in the park. Not so easy will be Fernando’s next matchup who is Tipsarevic. The Serb is a tricky player and imo is a fantastic mover. Can Fer’s repeat his success from 2007-2010 when he made it to the fourth round [those years]? I hope he does well. He’s also entered the doubles tournament with Marrero.

🙂 Hope you’re all well. Here’s one last pic of Ferru with Prince’s team.prince tennis tweet


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