A quick look into Roland Garros

Hi guys! Hope all is well. We have arrived to the second major of the year. One that the Spanish thrive their professional lives on. The clay calls to them. Especially one of them. 😉 Rafa is going to try to capture his eighth title in Paris. He has the amazing record of 52-1 match wins here. Might he add another one this year?!! draw ceremony

I think Rafa has a good shot of making it [at least]  to the semifinals. His most likely opponent in that round would be Novak Djokovic. That would be a treat to see given their recent rivalry.tommy prac

David Ferrer is looking to repeat his success from last year. He’s had a bumpy couple of past months. I know this is his favorite grand slam and he’s always tries his utmost best here. It’s gonna be a tough road for him if he is to progress. There may be a certain Roger lurking there who he’s never been able to beat.

Marcel and Feli are to meet up in round one. I’m looking forward to seeing how Nico will do in this tournament. He had some tough matches this year which ended up not in his favor.

This had to be a short post only because I am once again away from my home. I’m going to try to k.i.t. though.


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