In Rome…

Hi! First of all check out what Masum found-MicaelaBryans tweet. She is the adorable daughter of Bob Bryan. I LOVE this pic. It’s nice to see Ferru getting practice of holding babies. 😉 I would love to see pics of his future kids while he is still on tour.

bryan tweetHaha~ was this an under-sided jab at Rafa regarding last years clay in Madrid?
more cuteness

David Ferrer is playing Fernando Verdasco. If you had asked me to pick a winner in 2011-up until pre-Barcelona ofthis year, I would have not even thought twice before replying “David”.

I am not the biggest *Fer* fan; and I think he has had a terrible year of so far. Yet I still feel Ferru is a teeny-bit vulnerable…I know that Fer is so desperate to get some wins for 2013. I will give D.F. the edge here, but if he wants to win tomorrow, he better not let down his game for a moment.

Rafa will take stage tomorrow as well and play against Fognini. I know the Italian can be a threat on clay and he will have to crowd rooting for him. But let’s be realistic and realize that the Mallorcan will have his way on court.    🙂


7 thoughts on “In Rome…

  1. Ferru looks so cute with babies. I like how she’s “jealous” of Ferru’s shiny hair! Did you see Federer got a hair cut? Now that Fed doesn’t have his glossy curly hair anymore, Ferru can be the tennis player with the “Best Hair” 🙂 Until Fed’s hair grows out, then it will be a close contest again between Fed and Ferru! (I also love that Jerzy Janowicz is in the background of that photo. He shows up in the most random places, haha)

    I hope your week is going well! It’s a shame Nico lost early…I was kind of hoping to see DelPo play Nico. I hope he gets better, if he’s injured right now.

    • what prompted roger to cut his hair? I mean that’s my favorite feature about him. He has the best hair on the planet, and I almost wanna say for guys or girls. It better grow out fast and he better not step near a barber. 🙂 Ferru has been trimming his own hair steadily over the years and he better cut that out!

      Did u see Murray interview after his match? I feel so bad that he’s so injured. I am a fan of him and it sucks that he might not play in France.

      Nico losing means that it’s trouble time. I mean seriously to lose out fist round on clay?? He needs serious practicing/training.

      Hope ur weekend is a nice one!

      • Yeah, Ferru seriously needs to stop cutting his hair. I hope it’s not Marta telling him to do that, otherwise, I’ll stop liking her lol!

        I have not seen Federer play in Rome so I don’t know what everyone’s talking about. But if he has cut his hair, then Ferru is definitely the one with best hair in tennis.

        BTW love the two pictures, the one with Ferru is cute and the one with Rafa made me laugh!

      • Hello ChachouMiaou~

        Hope u have been well. R u ready for Roland Garros (if u r still going)? Can u take pics?

        t c…I’ll k.i.t

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