Quarterfinals in Madrid

So here’s what is going on in Madrid:Ferru won over Haas

*David was successful in the end of his match against Tommy Haas. Honestly he got lucky because the German was up a break in the third set. I’m glad he got thru it.David press conference

*Rafael is eager to progress into the final. Now Federer is out as well (whom he might have run into in the semis.) Rafa beat Youzhny 6-2, 6-3.

So with that being stated, the Madridistas who are gonna show up on Friday are in for a treat. It’ll be a clash of the top Spanish players. I know *most* of the Spanish still feel that Rafael Nadal is the number one Spanish tennis player. David had suffered a bad loss against him in Acapulco earlier this year; but I really hope he comes into the match with his full determination.

*I don’t think anyone had expected Pablo Andujar to get to the quarterfinals. Good for him. He’ll take on Kei Nishikori next who had defeated last years champion Roger Federer.retired DGT

*Fernando can still be happy that he’s competing in this tournament. He did lose to Tsonga, however him along with Marrero ousted number two seeds Lopez/Granollers.

                            *Will post again after the quarterfinals. Take care!


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