Revenge of the Swiss

I don’t really know what happened today. I’m still not sure why Ferrer isn’t playing to his full potential?

Ferru’s look of distress
yahoo tennis

I’ll very quickly write about the match. Stan started off dominating in the first set. The Spaniard quite simply couldn’t match his opponents play. In the second set Ferrer was forced to play better. When Ferrer was serving *4-4 at deuce, Wawrinka changed the match in his favor when he hit a clever backhand winner at the net. Moments later the Swiss had 3 match points-he only needed one. (David hit the ball out.)

runner up in portugal

β€œStan played a great match…Playing any ATP World Tour final is important. I want to be positive and look forward.”-D.F.

So what do you guys feel? Do you think Ferrer is on a decline in his career this season? Or do you think he is still recovering from injuries? Or is he tired from 2012 and is age coming into play for him? I know he’s trying to stay positive for the rest of the season, and that’s the most important thing he can do. I hope he goes into this week putting his heart and soul on the courts. He’s playing in Spain on his preferred surface so that should be somewhat of a comfort. However you might call it unfortunate because he has a tough draw. If Ferrer does make it to the quarters, he’ll most likely face Rafael Nadal.

I hope you guys have a good start to the week. Since there is a masters tournament going on, I’ll try to regularly keep the site updated.

P.S. I know it’s a big week for Fernando-being a Madridista- so I’m glad to see him pass first round. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Revenge of the Swiss

  1. It’s a shame that Ferru lost but I feel like it was a positive week for him overall. He seemed rusty in his first couple of matches, but was excellent in the Seppi match. Even yesterday I didn’t think he was playing badly – probably a few more unforced errors than he’d like, but Stan was just excellent – amazing level of tennis from him.

    I don’t think Ferru’s declining yet, I hope he’s not. I think this season he’s just been more tired than usual because of his 2012, and then the Miami final was really physically draining too. I really hope he plays well in Madrid and at least defends his QF points. I want him to have that number 4 seed at RG. πŸ™‚

    • How cool would it be if he was seeded 4 at French Open?!! I think in Madrid he will make it to the QF’s. Honestly he’ll need a miracle to surpass Rafa on clay. It’s just the plain truth. Results of the past don’t lie.
      Stan is a great player, and he’s been playing better the last year or so-I’ll give him credit for playing well against Ferru. But under *normal* conditions one would have picked the Spaniard to win. I think u r right about him being drained from last season. And it doesn’t tip in his favor (physical condition wise) that he is a grinder.
      *Hope you’re well Katie.

  2. Hmmmm…I think to be fair to Ferru, we should suspend judgment on whether he’s declining. It seems like the injury he incurred in the Miami final set him back a bit in his training and that it’s taking him awhile to regain his form. At least there are still tournaments left in Madrid & Rome before the French Open. I agree with Katie that he got better with each match in Oeiras and that Stan was playing some of his best tennis in the final. Age is likely a factor. I remember Chris Evert saying that she had more “bad days” as she got older and that it took more effort to play consistently than when she was younger. He still seems very determined, though, to make the most of his career, and it seems like he does everything he can to prepare well for matches. I’m always sad to see him lose because he’s my favorite player, but for his sake, I hope he finds a level of play that he’s satisfied with and regains some of the confidence that comes with that. Can’t control the rankings, draws, how other players are playing, etc but I hope his hard work pays off in terms of him playing in a way that he’s satisfied with on his favorite surface.

    • Hi masum, I hope you’re well.
      It’s really nice to see that Ferrer has so many fans worldwide. A couple years ago I would mention his name when talking about athletes and people would be like, “who”?!! He’s gained so much admiration these past couple of years. I think his success also played a major factor.
      I certainly hope he’s not going to decline in this sport. I know he has a passion for this sport, and I think a player like Tommy Haas can aspire players that they can still win tournaments and be successful even if they had to deal with injuries.
      I will agree with u that Miami was a grueling final. But it’s been like a month since that and he should have recovered in terms of exhaustion. (Injuries are a different story).
      I thought maybe he could rack u some points in Nice before heading into Roland Garros, but that may tire him out before the major itself. I’ll admit there is a selfish part of the fan in me who wants him to get some more titles to his name. (even if they are 250 points)
      Hope he doesn’t have any bad days this week. I wanna see him give Rafa (most likely) a good fight. πŸ™‚ take care

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