Smile-worthy post!

Caution: You might need to make sure people around you wont judge you for drooling! šŸ˜‰

Maybe you’ve already seen this, but if not then take a look. *You might need to click into ATP’s channel and then click “Oeiras 2013 Tuesday Ferrer Feature”.

Our favorite Ferru learned how to paddle board on Tuesday. He had a lil trouble as you can see around .45, but I forgive him because he looks awesome. Actually he was in the water for around 20 minutes and lost balance only once! I know you must be thinking I am such a ‘cheesy’ blogger, but I can’t help it. šŸ˜€fun day at beachIt looks like he had fun, but I sincerely hope he’s back in mental-mode to defeat his first round opponent Roger-Vasselin.


6 thoughts on “Smile-worthy post!

  1. Thank you! There is nothing cheesy about appreciating the sight of gorgeous men, lol! They are cruel to insist so much on his only fall in 20 minutes, because contrary to what he says, he seems to have great balance and I’m sure most people would just keep falling again and again! ^^

    • Your welcome. I was trying to look for more pics to post here but I couldn’t find any. I love off-tennis footage of him. He seems to be a very chill person who enjoys everyday outdoorsy things.

  2. Love this video! Ferru looks great šŸ™‚ He did really well – I’d definitely be one of those people who’d end up spending more time in the water than on the board!

    • I’d also be in the water much more than on the board, hehe.. D is droolicious in a wetsuit (ooh the thighs ;-)!) as well as being a wonder on court too… *girly moment*

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