For this week~

Hi! Hope you guys are doing well so far this week.

As for this past weekend, Rafael Nadal was able to beat Nicolas Almagro and thus lifted up his 8th trophy in Barcelona. It wasn’t too thrilling of a match. He won comfortably 6-4, 6-3. There were a couple of instances where Nico could have gone up a break in set one, but it seems like Rafa’s experience always helps him thru on his beloved clay suface.

“I feel very happy to lift the trophy once again here in Barcelona. It means a lot especially after the difficult year I’ve had,” said Nadal.conde de godo

So far in 2013, Nadal is the only player who has been able to lift four titles. Not only that, but he has reached at least the final in every tournament he’s competed in. Quite impressive! I’m sure he’s looking forward to a non-blue court in Madrid.

(I don’t want to write that much about the others this past weekend. Both Spanish doubles teams lost in their semis, and GGL suffered a humiliating defeat in Romania losing to Rasol 3-6, 2-6). Ouch! And I’m a bit disappointed on M&M’s lack of success this year. 😦

Ferrer is seeded one in Portugal; in fact he was granted a wild-card here. He doesn’t tend to do here though, he has a 1-3 record at this venue. I know he’s upset about his early loss in Barcelona and I’m sure he’s looking to gaining some “quick” points here. Honestly with this draw he should be able to win it, granted he’s back to his normal health.


4 thoughts on “For this week~

  1. Hi Iram,

    I’m bummed about Real Madrid 😦 I hope they can pull off a small miracle!

    I’m sad that DelPo had to withdraw from Portugal 😦 Still, it’ll be nice to see Ferru find his form on clay there. I heard the tournament director at Portugal personally reached out to Ferru and convinced him to play by reminding him of all the great Spaniards who have won the tournament in the past (including Ferrero, Moya and many others). I’m sure Ferru will be eager to join that list!

    I hope your week has started off well.

    • Hmm, here was I thinking that Ferru was using this just as practice and $$$. (I should not be so cynical about such a nice guy); but after Barcelona, I could not blame him for wanting to get some confidence and game play back. Hope he enjoys it and does well there 🙂

      • Hi Carol, Hope u r having a good week so far. I doubt he’s doing this tourney for money. He has made more than $18 million dollars from just ATP alone. Then he endorses PRINCE, LOTTO, and I’m sure a couple of local things in Spain! I hope he is successful there too.

    • Hi! mariposaxprs I was EXTREMELY bummed for Real Madrid. They came SO darn close! It’s a shame, but I hope they can keep their heads held up high. They played amazing in the end.
      I really hope Ferru wins this. There’s no reason he shouldn’t be able to beat the people in his draw. That too on clay!
      Hope u r well!

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