Update from Barcelona~

I am not going to write up a new post. I just wanted to update that Rafa will play Berlocq on Wednesday. Tommy Robredo was able to beat Marc Lopez in three sets and will next face Grigor Dimitrov. I like Nico’s chances of going far in this tournament; he plays Dodig tomorrow.  (I think Feli is healing from some operation he had earlier and that’s why he isn’t playing here.) *And perhaps not a big shocker, but Fernando is already out. I’m starting to think that he’ll never return to his 2010 form, and I’m not saying that as a hasty remark. The Madridista hasn’t found his groove for quite some time now.  Good luck to all the guys playing on Wednesday!

pic of tournament people

_________________________________________________________________________Monthuic fountains

*David is scheduled to play on Wednesday against Tursunov.
*Rafa will play the winner of Gimeno-Traver/Berlocq in his opening round
*On Tuesday there will be a tough task for Marcel! It’ll be his first time (along with Marc) on the ATP tour playing across the net against his younger brother Gerard Granollers who is paired up with Albert Montañes *M&M beat them 6-4, 6-4!

Tomorrow is the first leg for the UEFA Champions League and it’ll be FC Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich. I know the majority of the tennis players love soccer, so I hope they can all go to Camp Nou to watch it. Or at least watch it as a huge group and tweet us pics of themselves! 😉 Major whoops from my end, the first leg was indeed in Germany and FC Barcelona lost badly 0-4.


8 thoughts on “Update from Barcelona~

  1. Am totally astonished about the Ferru – Tursonov result… I didn’t see the match as I was at work so can’t comment. Immediate thought was that perhaps D is not really recovered from his injury gained in Miami. He’s lost about 350 ranking points at a guess (haven’t done the sums) so not too critical. Some trolls suggesting he was paid to lose this early (as he was Rafa’s main rival) to allow Rafa to win…. Cheez, sometimes I hate some of my fellow humans 😦

    • I watched the match Carol. Ferru was really struggling to hold serve all match, and was making so many mistakes that he wouldn’t make usually – I think the injury is still bothering him. In the presser afterwards he said he wasn’t feeling good on the court physically, mentally or with his tennis, and that the third set went by too quickly – he didn’t feel competitive. Tursunov played well though – very aggressive and wasn’t making many mistakes in the first and third sets.

      I think though that Ferru might only lose 50 points as he can substitute the 250 Auckland win for his lost points from Barcelona.

      • I’m not sure how rankings and points and substitutions all take into play here. I’m pretty sure Ferru is still 4 even after Sunday. However, he has a lot of points from Rome and Madrid and even the French Open to defend. I know I shouldn’t focus on his ranking… i really do hope he shakes off whatever is bothering him.
        Do you think Rafa is getting this? I get this ‘haunch’ that he will! 😉 lol

      • Hi Iram, hope you’re well. 🙂 Ferru will definitely still be ranked 4 after Sunday – I think he’s got an excellent chance of keeping it until after RG unless he has early exits at both Madrid and Rome. Hope he feels 100% fit soon and is back to his best in the next tournament. I think he’ll be really motivated to do well in Madrid.

        Yes I’d be really surprised if Rafa doesn’t win here! Though I thought the same last week – but at least here there’s no Novak in his way. 😉 Would be nice to have a Nico/Rafa final.

      • I think Nico has a good shot of making it to the finals. I know it sounds really mean, but esp. if it’s on clay in Spain and Rafa is playing the tournament, it’s nearly impossible for others to have a shot! But props to Rafa, he has made history with all his success!

    • same here, I didn’t see the match because it was around 2am L.A. time and besides they don’t cover the early rounds here on t.v. But from what I read in the interviews David was really bummed about it. Oh that comment or rather that someone is spreading such a rumor abt Ferru losing early- we all know how much class he has. I don’t think he’s ever stoop so low. Why ppl start such accusations is beyond me!
      Hope u r well Carol! t c

  2. I wondered if Gerard was Marcel’s brother: nice to have confirmation. BTW – I’ve read somewhere that there’s a mini Djokovic somewhere out there….

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