Well it had to happen sometime…

“I’m going out there to win.” – Novak Djokovic statement after winning Monte Carlo semis.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Monte Carlo’s golden boy Rafa finally lost his winning streak at his favorite tournament. He lost to Nole 2-6, 5-7. I didn’t think this would happen. Novak himself was such a question mark even coming into this tournament!

I think Nole came in with a positive mindset and took dominance early in the first set. In fact the Serb was *5-0 and had two set points to actually bagel Rafa. The first set Nole demonstrated he was able to dictate his game well behind the baseline and play effectively on both his first and second serve. The Serb also returned at a higher percentage than his opponent. Rafa also made a couple more double faults than he normally does! I’m not sure if he was nervous or what it was?!!

The second set Rafa came back to life and it was more entertaining. I think most people were hoping for a three setter. Rafa was up a break *6-5, but Nole began  to play superbly and instantly broke back with a cool winner. When it came down to tiebreak time, there was no denying that Nole played all the points better.rafa at net

I honestly was a bit surprise about the result. I thought for sure Rafa was gonna pick up the trophy. What was the best thing for me to see was in fact Rafa’s reaction. Yes I have to say he looked a bit ticked that he lost when he came up to the net, but within moments he was HONESTLY looking happy. The smile for his friend and ‘colleague’ looked genuine. In a way I think Rafa is relieved. Perhaps he knew deep down inside he had to lose at this venue one time. ““It is not a tragedy. I lost after eight years without losing here. Today, he was better than me… He’s a fantastic player.”-R.N.yahoo tennis pic

It’s only one of the three European masters titles, we still have Madrid and Rome to look forward to. Not to mention this upcoming week in Barcelona.

Speaking of ;)… David Ferrer is seeded one and Rafael Nadal is two. For the last two years they have met in the final here and both times Rafa has come out on top. Let’s see how they do this year, and I’m curious to see how David is playing after he had to miss out on last week.

Here’s a pic you wont see all the time. It’s Barcelona’s natives Tommy Robredo and Cesc Fabregas on Barçatv. (Not sure if it was an interview or they were just on a set!) Tommy tweeted this one! I hope the Barcelona football players come out and support the tennis players during their matches.

Here’s another nice pic to see. Marc Lopez won the qualifying singles and he will actually play [singles] this week. What kind of sucks is that unfortunately he’ll be playing Tommy Robredo in round one. So even though they both are from this region, it’ll be a tough loss for either!

Have a good week guys. I’ll post in a couple of days!


10 thoughts on “Well it had to happen sometime…

    • Hi Emma, Hope you’re well. It did have to come to an end eventually. And I’m glad Rafa looked positive during the ceremony. He’s had so much success here there’s no need to feel bitter!

  1. This is the great blog of the new century. Many applauses. One more thing to make better is when you say thing like “The Serb also returned at a higher percentage than his opponent.” You can also put the statistic number in () with sentence too please! and ty.

    • Hi Singlar Gumbole, nice to *meet* u! Thanks for such a huge compliment.
      You know to be truthful, I had all the statistics up on another window and I was referring to it as well. And I was honestly going to put the actual percentages down of the return, but Novak had done extremely well on returning both 1st and 2nd serves and I got kinda confused as to which I should have noted down! But if u scroll thru some other posts, I do try to add actual figures as well! thanks

  2. When Rafa beat DelPo at the IW final, Uncle Toni said that he was glad that DelPo had beaten Novak in the SF, as that meant Rafa had a better chance of winning the whole tournament. I guess Monte Carlo proved that the “Novak hurdle” still remains in Rafa’s mind.

    In any case, Rafa had a great week, he beat Tsonga in the SF. He can’t be too disappointed he lost the final, although he might have to deal with the similar “Novak hurdle” he dealt with in 2011. It’ll make the clay season somewhat less predictable to watch! That’s hardly a tragedy!

    I saw the brief photo of Tommy & Cesc! I’m so glad Tommy’s back in the spotlight, after his tournament win. And I’m super-thrilled for Marc as well 🙂 It must be a big deal for him to qualify for the main draw at his home-town tournament!

    • Hello mariposaxprs,
      ” I guess Monte Carlo proved that the “Novak hurdle” still remains in Rafa’s mind.” I know what you’re saying is partially true. Yes Rafa did lose to number one and that too on his favorite surface and venue.However before anyone starts picking French Open winners, I think we should see how Rome and Madrid go too.

      Marc appears to be a nice guy with a shy personality. I hope he plays well against Tommy tomorrow.

      I hope u have a good week. 🙂 take care

  3. With the way Novak’s ankle injury was being talked about before Monte Carlo started, I thought Rafa would win again this year. But it is good that he was looking happy after the loss – I don’t think this loss is going to affect him. Like you say Iram, it had to happen sometime, it was such an amazing record to keep going all these years!

    Novak deserved to win yesterday. He got his tactics absolutely right, and even in the second set when he was behind he showed his trademark fighting spirit to level the scoreline and then take the tiebreak. I think Rafa just wasn’t ready for this particular matchup – he seems to get a bit more nervous playing Novak, and needs to be feeling really confident to beat him. I still think he’ll win RG though – it’s that much tougher to beat him over 5 sets.

    • Hi Katie, hope you’ve been well.
      I’m not a Nole fan in particular. I was hoping Rafa would win. However I couldn’t help but smile for the Serb because he was so deliriously happy. Rafa has 8 of them and I don’t think anyone will ever break that record, so he can feel proud of that.
      I think you’re right about Rafa’s prediction for Roland Garros. 5 sets on clay is something that Rafa can do comfortably (unless knee problem). I honestly thought Rafa was ready for this tournament.
      I hope there’s really good tennis to see this week. Tennis channel in USA actually shows this event on t.v. so I want to take advantage of this! take care

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