Aussie Open Final: Nole vs. Rafa

So it’s going to be a Rafa vs. Nole final. There’s a lot on the line:
Rafa out to get his second Aussie Open title, while Nole will try to defend his.
*  In 2011 Rafa met with Nole in six finals, all of which Rafa lost.
*  This will be Rafa’s fourth consecutive time being in a major final.

I think one of the biggest factors that will affect Rafa is the fact that Nole is “in Rafa’s head”. In other words Rafa had spent 2011 trying to figure out how to beat the Serb on any surface, but was unsuccessful every time. I myself am stumped as to how Rafa will plan his attack in the final. All I can say is that Nole looked visibly tired from his match against Murray. Let’s see if Rafa can close it out tomorrow. If he can, it will be his 11th major title. Best of luck to both guys!


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