Champions of the world

Let me begin by stating the obvious: I am very happy for Spain’s Davis Cup team.

I started this blog in June of this year, knowing that they’d have the best shot of lifting up the Davis Cup trophy. They are truly remarkable and dedicated athletes. Not only that, they show the world what it’s like to be dedicated to something you love. They fight for their achievements and never give up. And for that they’ve earned all my admiration.

Rafa vs Delpo: What a terrific match, I’m not sure I was expecting the Argentinean to give this much fight today. The match lasted a little over 4 hours, the end result was Rafa winning 1-6, 6-4, 6-1, 7-6.

  Delpo made a very strong stand in the first set. He seemed very confident and the winners that were coming off his forehand reminded us all why he won US Open 2009. Then Rafa woke up in the 2nd and 3rd set. The fourth set was the most nail biting, the two players broke each other a couple of times. Eventually Delpo lost steam in the tiebreak, not even winning a point.

After match-point: What I admire about Rafa the most is his humility. After winning the final point Rafa fell to the ground in celebration. All team members came running to hug him. After a quick groupie moment, Rafa ran to the net and hugged/comforted Juan Martin. The Argentinians fought very hard and it wasn’t an easy win. Next he came to Argentina’s team side, and hugged each player/coach. I’ll always love Rafa for that.

Spain's Team Members

The celebration: I love these happy, jumping Spaniards! David was the first who sprinted to Rafa after match point and the others quickly followed. Again, what an unbelievably united team.

They all stood in unison during the country’s national anthem. The King Juan Carlos presented them with their trophy’s and medals. The pride in that team shows! When they lifted the Copa Davis the crowd went wild with cheers.


Spain's Tennis

I hope all of you enjoyed the final this weekend. What a wonderful  way for David, Rafa, Feli, Fer and Marcel to end their tennis season. Congrats chicos!

P.S. I know there will be post-ceremony interviews and pics too. I’ll post whatever I can tomorrow when I get some time. Thanks again for following my blog. 🙂

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