Davis Cup: Results Day One

What a terrific start for Spain. They are getting ever closer to lifting another Davis Cup trophy. With all the pressure and excitement from the crowd, this tournament really brings out the passion in the players.

Rafa vs Pico: Well I think we all saw that coming. Juan Monaco was used as the “sacrificial lamb” as commentators coined him here for the first rubber. Rafa beat his good pal 6-1, 6-1, 6-2. The king’s dominance is once again on display on his favorite surface.

Spain's Rafael Nadal Celebrates

Ferru vs Delpo: David had a tougher match. Playing a guy who lost an entire season due to injury yet having an almost miraculous comeback is no easy task. Delpo has jumped over 200 spots to his current ranking of number 11. He is  great on clay and it showed. The match lasted almost five hours. Ferrer beat Del Potro 6-2, 6-7, 3-6, 6-4, 6-3.

Both countries’ spectators were going crazy for their respective players. The Argentinean played very well, but Ferrer grabbed his opportunities even at the slightest blip. After the match the Valencian pointed out that, “Maybe today was the best match of my career.”

In this next pic you can see David’s girlfriend Marta cheering him on. (She’s right behind Uncle Tony). In fact David’s parents were there too, and the camera kept showing Marta and them throughout the match. They were looking so proud of David, and why wouldn’t they be?! He is a hero! BTW, I loved the fact that after the match was done he was gracious at the net with Delpo. Then he went on to hug every single Armada member on the bench. Why didn’t he hug/kiss Marta??? I mean she was right behind them. I so badly want to see David pulling a romantic Iker scene! (I know I’m being too mushy!)

This pic of Marta was posted on MTF by user AgnRus (goodness she is super pretty)

Marcel, Marc, Feli and Fer were all in the stands to cheer  for their compatriots. Tomorrow is the doubles tie. Please, please, please, stay focused Madridistas! The trophy is within arm’s reach … it’s yours (well almost!) 🙂

I’m planning on updating this blog tomorrow. I hope all of you have a great weekend. Let’s cross our fingers for Saturday…


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